Superior Pipeline Protection

Red One Rock Shield

Highest impact rating in its class.

Engineered geometry configuration and flexible, thin PVC matting material, the corrugated design produces a highly impact-resistant

 shield for pipeline protection against indigenous rocks and other environmental obstacles that could otherwise damage the pipeline.

Troublefree Installation

Parallel Installation  

Parallel installation of the Red One Rock Shield is very quick and simple. Simply unroll the material parallel to the pipeline and wrap around the pipe structure. Fasten the shield with tape, plastic ties, or another securing material.  

Circumferential Installation

Circumferential installation of the Red One Rock Shield requires a further step. First, sheets need to be cut to match the pipe circumference, leaving a small area of overlap. Proceed with the installation process of wrapping the sheet around the pipe width, and fastening the shield material with tape, plastic ties, or another securing material.

Exceptional Features

  • High impact and high tensile strength superior puncture resistance 
  • Cost-effective pipeline protection solution 
  • Lightweight and easy to install 
  • Strong resistance against bacteria and fungus 
  • Stands up against the pressure of uneven backfilling 
  • Resilient against environmental factors; dramatic temperatures and wet weather 
  • Protects pipe coating from rocks and other hard materials present in the trench 
  • Convenient shipping and delivery in easy to handle pallet bags

Installation is Easy

Check out this great video. 

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